The members of the education committee come from all fields of otolaryngology and from all regions of YO-IFOS. They are all united by the desire to facilitate acquisition of both knowledge and technical skills by young otolaryngologists around the world. Working together with other YO-IFOS committees and with the corresponding IFOS education committee is crucial to the success of this committee

The education committee will direct efforts towards three main fields:

  •     Continuous Medical Education: developing teaching materials which will make information readily available by means of an open access format. The first project in this field will be an online basic science textbook. International guidelines, e-learning, and other databases will follow.
  •     International Exchange Programs: creating of an online platform which will help young otolaryngologists find opportunities for either a fellowship or a shorter observership outside their country.
  •     Instructional Courses: aiming for the higher participation of young otolaryngologists in courses which are fundamental to their training (temporal bone, endoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, etc.). Special emphasis will be put on encouraging young otolaryngologists from countries where these courses are not readily available.


Name Country Region Interests E-mail
Ben-Ari Oded Israel Middle East Head and neck
Meller Catherine Australia Oceania Facial reconstruction
Lerat Justine France Europe Pediatric ENT
Charpiot Anne France Europe Otology anne.charpiot@chru-strasbourg?fr
Michel Justin France Europe Sinus
Vandevoorde Aurélie Belgium Europe Otologyn Pediatric ENT
Unger Yaron Germany Europe Facial plastics
Beckers Karen Belgium Europe Otology, Head and Neck
Simon François France Europe Pediatric ENT
Otavio Iavarone Brazil Central and South America Head and neck
Reis Mariah Brazil Central and South America Rhinology
Cisneros Juan Carlos Mexico Central and South America Otology and Neurotology
Peer Shazia South Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Paediatric ENT
Els Tim South Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Paediatric ENT
Din Taseer South Africa Sub-Saharan Africa General ENT
Ling-Xiang HU China East and South-East Asia Otology
Harish Muraleedharam India West and SOuth Asia Otology
Schweiger Claudia USA/Brazil North America and The Caribbean Pediatric ENT
Sargi Zoukaa USA North America and The Caribbean Head and necka
Position Available Canada Northern Africa