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    Paris 2024: a bird’s eye view on what matters most in Audiology

    The 36th World Congress of Audiology is coming up and it is in Paris, from the 19th to 22nd of September 2024 ….  50 years almost to the day since it last came to France !

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What is YO-IFOS all about?

During the IFOS meeting held in Paris last June 2017, the “Young Physicians Group” was created. It targets young ENT physicians, aged 30 to 45, enrolled in an academic career or ongoing education, across the world and ENT subspecialties. This group has the ambition to fulfill 4 missions: education, research, congress participation, and networking.

Concerning education, YO-IFOS will develop teaching materials and gather international guidelines in order to make information easily available for ENT in open access across the world; it will also foster collaborative works such as meta-analyses and literature reviews. As for research, YO-IFOS will encourage networking and collaborative research programs. YO-IFOS will also try to improve the participation of young physicians in international meetings by helping to elaborate scientific programs, workshops, roundtables and eventually organizing specific sessions. And lastly, the fourth aim of the group is to promote international mobility of young physicians to encourage medical, research and humanitarian exchanges. This will be facilitated by the development of a dedicated website where curriculum vitae and training proposal will be posted. In order to fulfill these missions, committees composed each of one head and 6-10 members will be created.

The YO-IFOS board is composed of an Executive Committee (President and General Secretary) from the same country as the IFOS president and a similar committee from the next elected country (Canada). During IFOS meeting, regional secretaries have been elected from the different continents; they will identify potential members from the different countries, represent YO-IFOS in international meetings and facilitate exchanges. If you are interested in being part of this wonderful adventure, send us a mail to

or click the above link to enroll. You can also follow our twitter account @YO_IFOS.

Natacha Teissier (Paris, France), General Secretary

Nicolas Fakhry (Marseille, France), President